lion alcolmeter 900

The lion alcolmeter® 900 is the latest in a long line of professional breath alcohol analysis instruments that has been designed, developed and manufactured by Lion Laboratories Ltd. Conforms to EN15964 and IP54. The lion alcolmeter® 900  offers a sleek new design, Bluetooth, integrated GPS, and a heated sample port for more accurate readings in colder climates.

A dedicated mouthpiece design with an illuminated port ensures easy fitting in any situation.

This video explains the key features of the lion alcolmeter® 900.

This latest lion alcolmeter® is designed and built for accurate and repeatable breath alcohol screening.  It uses the latest technology to seamlessly deliver results in the most effective ways.  Built in Bluetooth enables efficient data transfer and cordless printing, plus connectivity to the Lion AlcoHub App.  Pairing is possible with Android and iOS portable devices, and has been tested to withstand EMC disruption from 5G technology.

Integrated GPS allows for location fixes for data records, and also displays sample positions on a map when paired with the AlcoHub App.  All location data is also tagged with the time a measurement was taken for a full audit trail.

This instrument delivers highly accurate and fast readings through use of the latest generation of Lion fuel cell sensors.

Conforming to EN15964 and IP54 the lion alcolmeter® 900 has a built in heater ensuring performance at sub zero temperatures. 

The instrument should be checked with an alcohol standard at regular intervals, and recalibrated if required.  The user may do this using an AlcoCal® product; or, alternatively, contact Lion to arrange for a calibration at the Lion Laboratories Ltd facility or contact your country distributor for local support.

Technical Specification

Instrument Dimensions

210mm x 75mm x 45mm


325g (including batteries)


EN15964 & IP54 Approved

Sensor Type

Black Diamond Electrochemical Fuel Cell

Measuring range

0.0 to 3.0 mg/L BrAC

Operating temperature range

-5°C to +40°C

Power Supply

4 x new AA cells give up to 8000 breath tests

Calibration Adjustment

If checked regularly with a dry gas, calibrate every 12 months. Otherwise, to be calibrated every 6 months.

Calibration Standard

Either a dry-gas or a breath alcohol liquid simulator

Operating Humidity Range

20 to 95%, non-condensing


Up to 10,000 test records


12 months, parts and labour


For easy connection with bluetooth compatible devices


Cloud based instrument data management application


Samples can be automatically location tagged for use with the AlcoHub app


Leather Pouches

Additional instrument protection can be provided by using our custom leather pouches. These can be produced to specific  customer requirements (minimum quantities will apply).


The lion Printer Kit includes the Able Ap1300 BT printer ensuring efficient connectivity with the lion alcolmeter® 900 enabling the user to take samples and print on the go.


The custom easy fit mouthpiece for the lion alcolmeter® 900. This mouthpiece has been specifically designed for the lion alcolmeter® 900 to ensure the correct collection of a deep lung breath sample. The mouthpiece also features an easy fit pressure tab enabling a correct fit every time.

Calibration Equipment

Everything you need to make sure your lion alcolmeter® 900 performs at its best.

Protective Instrument Case

The lion alcolmeter® 900 protective case is ideal for keeping your equipment safe while allowing full use.

AlcoHub App

The ground breaking AlcoHub App will help you coordinate and organise your samples.  View them quickly and easily on a map, with versatile reporting.

for more information on the AlcoHub App contact;

The lion alcolmeter® 900 is available for purchase from Lion direct in the UK only.

For international sales please consult the distributors page for local contact information.