Widely Used Across a Range of Global Markets

Rapid Screening

lion AlcoBlow®

Rapid Test

For quick use and turnaround, ideal for screening larger numbers at entry points to safety critical sites, the lion AlcoBlow® will detect the presence of alcohol on the breath by simply blowing on it. If alcohol is detected, you can then investigate further and take a measurement with lion screening instruments.


lion alcolmeter® 900

The lion alcolmeter® 900 is the most recent in the lion line of instruments.  It offers a sleek new design, plus optional features such as Bluetooth and integrated GPS. The lion alcolmeter® 900 also features a heated sample port for more accurate readings in colder climates.

lion alcolmeter® 700

The lion alcolmeter® 700 is a breath alcohol analysis instrument certified to EN15964 and a variant is Type Approved by the Home Office, Great Britain, for UK Police use. The lion alcolmeter® 700 is used in law enforcement, health and safety and wellbeing programmes.

lion alcolmeter® 600

The lion alcolmeter® 600 is a multi-function breath alcohol analysis instrument. The lion alcolmeter® 600 (also known as lion alcolmeter®  SD-400 Touch in selected countries)  is a powerful tool for use in road traffic law enforcement, and commercial health and safety.

lion alcolmeter® 500

The lion alcolmeter® 500 is a fast yet accurate, fully quantitative breath analysis instrument.  A variant of the lion alcolmeter® 500 is Type Approved by the Home Office, Great Britain, for UK Police use.

lion alcolmeter® SD-400

The lion alcolmeter® SD-400 is a rugged, fully quantitative breath analysis instrument, widely used by global law enforcement agencies and is recognised and used in industrial and medical market sectors.

CMI Intoxilyzer® 800

The CMI Intoxilyzer® 800 is the latest in CMI’s complete line of breath alcohol testing instruments. The I-800 utilises the industry’s only safe and sanitary side exhaust system minimising the operator’s exposure to exhaled breath.


lion Interlock DS®-25RS Interlock

The lion Interlock DS®-25RS is a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device [BAIID] system, fully integrated for use with multiple vehicle types.  The lion Interlock DS®-25RS system is designed for private, commercial and offender programme use, whereby the driver must pass a breath test before he or she can start the vehicle.


Intoxilyzer® 9000

The Intoxilyzer® 9000 has unparalleled performance in accuracy, precision and interferent detection by using pulsed infrared technology, eliminating chopper motors or mechanical filters in the analytical system. The Intoxilyzer® 9000 offers a wide range of options to exceed the demands of today’s evidential breath testing programs.