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Our products are there for a reason – Cork man jailed, disqualified for 20 years for drunk driving
Drink driving is a crime that can lead to serious consequences for all. Innocent bystanders and motorists often get caught up when drink drivers bring chaos, injury and in some cases death to peoples lives. A drink driver in Cork, Southern Ireland, was lucky not to have caused serious injury but is now paying the penalty for his recklessness and disregard for the safety of others.
Breathalyser tests should be adapted, not cancelled
The misconceptions regarding the potential hygiene risks associated with alcohol breathalyser tests can have a significant negative impact on affected industries, since the safety of staff and expensive equipment can be compromised by intoxicated workers, says Rhys Evans, MD of Lion Laboratories Ltd South African Distributor ALCO-Safe.
Drink-drive death rise sparks lower limit call
The drink-drive limit in England and Wales is being questioned after new data showed more than 23 people a day were killed or injured as a result of drinking and driving.
lion alcolmeter® 700 granted UK Home Office Approval
This instrument will now be available for use by all UK Police and Law Enforcement Agencies.
Inodis SAS – French Distributor takes responsibility for the provision of Lion Alcohol Interlocks – PJL LOPSI Programme
Inodis SAS are the exclusive provider of the DS-20PJL Interlock systems for the PJL Programme in France and the associated territories
Another step towards UK roadside evidential breathalysers – £105,000 awarded to winners of MEBTI competition
We are pleased to announce that Lion Laboratories Ltd have been recognised for their excellence and innovation and have demonstrated significant progress towards producing a mobile evidential breath testing instrument, suitable for the police to use at the roadside in the UK.
Busan Air ensure employees take breath alcohol tests before duty
Under the system, employees are required to get their personal identification information certified and take a breath alcohol test before they begin work
UK government to review potential of alcohol interlock
The UK will look at the feasibility of adding the use of alcohol interlocks to drink-driver rehabilitation programmes, it has been announced.
Rapid alcohol breath testing ensures safety at motorcycling events – Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre)
At a recent event using the Lion Alcoblow® John has recently carried out 200 tests in one hour.
Man arrested in Waterford after truck he was driving crashes into sea – Vehicle Interlock would have stopped this
We at Lion are working hard to address this issue through the provision of our DS25 RS Vehicle Interlock systems.
France introduces in-car breathalyser that can disable motor
Drink drivers will have to blow into the breathalyser to start their vehicle.
Competition ‘stimulates interest’ in mobile breathalysers
UK police forces could have access to roadside evidential breath test devices ‘within a couple of years’
Government Figures Suggest Significant Rise in Drink-Driving
This is a significant rise from the 8,470 people in 2015, and is the highest number since 2012.
Vale of Glamorgan pubs and clubs to breathalyse drinkers
The pilot scheme has begun ahead of the Christmas and new year period and follows similar trials across the UK.

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