alcolmeter® 700

Widely Used in Global Law Enforcement, Medical and Industrial Markets

The lion alcolmeter® 700 is a compact and easy to use breath alcohol analysis instrument certified to EN15964.  A variant is Type Approved by the Home Office, Great Britain, for UK Police use.

This simple to use instrument delivers highly accurate alcohol in breath readings and has the capability to store up to 3,000 test records. The lion alcolmeter® 700 can be connected to a portable printer enabling print out results from breath alcohol tests to be used in HR, legal and health and safety monitoring activities.

This compact and highly accurate instrument features simple multi use button functionality, internal memory for simple data capture, an automatic sampling system and is available in multiple languages.

Certified and approved to EN15964 the lion alcolmeter® 700 has a built in heater ensuring performance at temperatures to -5°C.  A variant of the lion alcolmeter® 700 is Type Approved by the Home Office, Great Britain, for UK Police use.

The instrument should be checked with an alcohol standard at regular intervals, and recalibrated if required.  The user may do this using an AlcoCal® product; or, alternatively, contact Lion to arrange for a calibration at the Lion Laboratories Ltd facility or contact your country distributor for local support.

Technical Specification

Instrument Dimensions

122mm x 63mm x 37mm


160g (including batteries)



A variant is Type Approved by the Home Office, Great Britain, for UK Police use.

Sensor Type

Electrochemical Fuel Cell

Measuring range

0.02 to 2.0 mg/L BrAC

Operating temperature range

-5°C to +40°C

Power Supply

2 x new AA cells give at least 1000 breath tests

Calibration Adjustment

If checked regularly with a dry gas, calibrate every 12 months. Otherwise, to be calibrated every 6 months.

Calibration Standard

Either a dry-gas or a breath alcohol liquid simulator

Operating Humidity Range

10 to 95%, non-condensing


Up to 3,000 test records


12 months, parts and labour



To ensure that you have a record of the test results from the instrument.  The lion alcolmeter® 700 can be provided with a printer and protective case.

Silicone Case

Ensure the instrument remains safe and protected at all times with this yellow silicone skin. 

Leather Pouches

We also provide leather pouches to customer requirements.


Data-700tm for data downloading.

The lion alcolmeter® 700 is available for purchase from Lion direct in the UK only.

For international sales please consult the distributors page for local contact information.