Rapid alcohol breath testing ensures safety at motorcycling events – Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre)

At a recent event using the Lion Alcoblow® John has recently carried out 200 tests in one hour.

When you need to ensure safety for riders and spectators John Garrett from the Motorcycle Union of Ireland (Ulster Centre), has it all under control. John is a retired Police Road Traffic Trainer and has a lifetime of experience testing road users for breath alcohol. At a recent event using the Lion Alcoblow® he has recently carried out 200 tests in one hour.

John commented that he tests all safety critical personnel at every meeting and this includes event officials, track marshals, photographers, press officers and of course the riders. His tests are conducted at all motorcycling events in Northern Ireland which has included the Ulster Grand Prix. Since commencing alcohol breath testing, he has carried out 1,900 tests and has suspended three riders who tested positive. He favours the Lion AlcoBlow®   for all his testing based on the reliability of the instrument, speed of response on zero tests and the long standing reputation of Lion in the industry

The Lion AlcoBlow® is set up to detect positive alcohol breath samples that are 10 µg/L (10 micrograms per litre of breath) and above.

The AlcoBlow® is Lion’s most versatile screening instrument and continues to be favoured for non-invasive testing across a wide range of market sectors. In addition to law enforcement applications the AlcoBlow Rapid Test is the ideal instrument for testing in the workplace so enabling a safe and alcohol-free working environment.

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