Inodis SAS – French Distributor takes responsibility for the provision of Lion Alcohol Interlocks – PJL LOPSI Programme

Inodis SAS are the exclusive provider of the DS-20PJL Interlock systems for the PJL Programme in France and the associated territories

In addition to the appointment of Inodis SAS as the Official Distributor for Lion products in France in January 2020, we are now very pleased to announce that Inodis SAS are the exclusive provider of the DS-20PJL Interlock systems for the PJL Programme in France and the associated territories as of June 2020.

The PJL (LOPSI) Programme is a Government backed legal programme designed for drivers who have had their license suspended for a drink driving offence. They are able to get back behind the wheel once they have agreed to install an alcohol interlock at their own expense and to accept medical and psychological check-ups.

The programme, which requires authorisation of a doctor and the local administrator responsible for driving licenses, should lead to more drivers using the devices. Judges in criminal prosecutions have had the possibility to require use of an alcohol interlock since 2011 in France, but the sanction had only been used in a handful of cases.  Legal changes in France led to the scheme being fully implemented and rolled out in France during 2019

The appointment of Inodis will further strengthen Lion’s commitment to the French market and offer a more comprehensive support network for all Lion products. Operating from their head office in Bayonne, Inodis has a commercial and technical infrastructure that will help provide the best service to all of our French customers.

Inodis is also the exclusive distributor of Stoneridge products for the French market and supplies Tachographs to a wide range of qualified distributors and installers across the country. This is a perfect partnership for Lion Laboratories as it allows more consistent support for the supply of its EAD systems to markets such as PJL (Offender Programme), TCP (UTAC Coach and Bus) and unregulated commercial vehicles (cars, vans and trucks).

For more details on Lion Laboratories Ltd products in France please contact Lorin Valton (President of Inodis), and he will make sure that he and his team provide you with the service and assistance you need.

Please contact Lorin at:

For all commercial enquiries you can call Inodis at (

Technical assistance is available at (

We wish Lorin and his team at Inodis great success for now and in the future.

Martin I. Slade – Head of Sales – Lion Laboratories Ltd

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