Death of Dr. Tom Parry Jones O.B.E.

We have heard the sad news that Dr. Tom Parry Jones O.B.E. died on Friday 11th January.

January 2013

We have heard the sad news that Dr. Tom Parry Jones O.B.E. died on Friday 11th January.

Tom or “TP”, as he was known by most people, was a co-founder of Lion in 1967.

Tom was instrumental in getting Lion started and developing the company into a successful business. His knowledge and expertise in developing our early products was the foundation upon which Lion was built. Tom also promoted Lion products into international markets and some of our current distributors, including Palmenco and Alcosafe, were appointed by him.

There is no doubt that Lion would not have been such a success without the dedication and effort that Tom put into the business.

Tom was 77 years old and leaves a wife and 3 children.

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