Tougher Laws Announced for Drivers

A new offence has been announced of causing serious injury while banned from driving, with plans to also review all driving offences and penalties to ensure people who endanger lives and public safety are properly punished.

Justice Secretary Chris Grayling’s intention under the new offence is for disqualified drivers to face up to 10 years in prison (five times the current maximum sentence) if they cause death, and up to four years’ imprisonment if they cause serious injuries.

He has also announced his intention to launch a full review of all driving offences and penalties, to ensure people who endanger lives and public safety are properly punished. This will include reviewing offences committed by uninsured and unlicensed drivers.

“I want to make our roads safer and ensure people who cause harm face tough penalties,” said Mr Grayling.

“Disqualified drivers should not be on our roads for good reason. Those who chose to defy a ban imposed by a court and go on to destroy innocent lives must face serious consequences for the terrible impact of their actions”.

“Today, we are sending a clear message that anyone who does will face much tougher punishment.”

For companies not currently licence checking their at-work drivers it comes as another reminder to ensure that all drivers, whether in company-provided vehicles or using their own cars for business travel, are properly licensed and are safe, legal and compliant.


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