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lion alcolmeter® 500P

This combines all the analytical power of the lion alcolmeter® 500 with a small, rechargeable printer. Both items are housed in a small, lightweight carrying case, to produce a low-cost, small analytical go-anywhere system for on-the-spot evidential breath analysis [subject to local specification and regulations permitting].

The 500P is supplied as a complete kit, which includes all the following items:

  • lion alcolmeter® 500 instrument
  • Rechargeable printer
  • Printer charger unit
  • 2 spare printer rolls [thermal]
  • 10 disposable mouthpieces
  • User Handbook

Alcohol Sensor: Lion fuel cell [micro version]

Specificity: Unaffected by all other likely breath contaminants

Measuring Range: 0.02 to 2.00mg/L BrAC, or equivalent in other units

Warm-up Time: There is no heater, so no warm-up time

Response Time: Typically 4s at 0.00mg/L; within 10s if alcohol is present

Recovery Time: Typically 5s at 0.00mg/L; within 30s up to 0.50mg/L, and within 60s between 0.50 and 2.00mg/L

Operating Temperature Range: -5 to 45°C, +10 to +40°C, for optimum operation

Power Supply: 2 x AA cells give at least 750 breath tests

Calibration Checking: Recommended one every two months

Calibration Adjustment: Should not be required more than once a year

Calibration Standard: Either a dry-gas or a wet-vapour simulator

Thermal Printer: around 500 tests when fully charged

Paper Width: 56mm

Kit Dimensions: 322 x 278 x 74mm

Kit Weight: Approximately 1500g, complete

Warranty: One year, parts and labour

Please note: 0.10mg/L BrAC is equivalent to 10ug/100ml, and to 100ug/L

Disposable Mouthpieces: Supplied in packs of 1,000

Printer Paper: Supplied in boxes of 20 rolls

Nasal Tubes: Supplied in packs of 100

AlcoCal® Calibration Standard: Please select from our range

Printer Kit: To convert the 500 into a 500P

Data-500™ Software: For extracting breath test data from the instrument to a PC operating on the Windows platform


The 500P is available for purchase from Lion direct in the UK only; where it is supplied as a complete kit – including 250 mouthpieces, 20 nasal tubes and one AlcoCal®-M calibration standard.

For international sales please consult the distributors page for local contact information.


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