The Lion I-9000 gains OIML 2012 Approval….. Please contact Lion for further details


This is a simple to use, rapid response instrument that is used simply to determine whether or not a person has any alcohol in their breath at all. It uses the Lion fuel cell sensor, so the reading is very unlikely to be affected by anything but alcohol in the subject’s breath.

There is no physical contact between the subject and instrument, so there is no mouthpiece to replace for each test.

In Active mode the subject blows into the sampling cone until a sample is taken by the instrument for alcohol analysis – fully automatically. Within seconds a coloured light appears, with a beep tone, to indicate whether that sample contained alcohol. The system then clears itself – again, fully automatically – so that within seconds again it is ready to test the next subject.

In Passive mode the operator presses the Passive button to draw in a sample of breath from around the subject, ideally while they are speaking. Again, the display system then very quickly shows whether or not that subject has alcohol in their body. This Passive mode is also ideally suited to checking the air above fluids, to see if these contain alcohol.

AlcoBlow® is ideally suited for use in situations where a large number of people have to be tested, and with the minimum of intrusion: for example, Police roadblocks, prisons, at the entrance to a mine, factory or safety-critical establishment This instrument should be checked with an alcohol standard at regular intervals, and recalibrated if required. The user may do this using an AlcoCal® product; or, alternatively, a service-by-mail to and from Lion facility is also available.

Alcohol Sensor: Lion fuel cell [micro version]

Specificity: Unaffected by all other likely breath contaminants

Detection Limit: 0.04mg/L BrAC, or equivalent in other units

Warm-up Time: There is no heater, so no warm-up time

Response Time: Normally within 3s of sampling

Recovery Time: Typically 2s at 0.00mg/L; 20s at 0.50 and 40s at 2.00mg/L

Operating Temperature Range: -5 to 40°C, for optimum operation

Power Supply: 4 new AA cells give at least 5,000 breath tests

Calibration Checking:. Recommended once per year

Calibration Standard: Either a dry-gas or a wet-vapour simulator

Dimensions: 265 x 48mm

Weight: Approximately 300g, with batteries

Warranty: One year, parts and labour

Please note: 0.10mg/L BrAC is equivalent to 10ug/100ml, and to 100ug/L

Protective Pouch: With yellow reflective strips

AlcoCal® Calibration Standard: Please select from our range

The AlcoBlow® is available for purchase from Lion direct in the UK only.

For international sales please consult the distributors page for local contact information.


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