Most people with a drinking problem are actually in work. You as an employer may be unaware of the problem, which will have consequences in terms of health and safety to both employees and the public. We help minimise that risk.

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Lion Alcometer 500

We have a range of portable, easy to use handheld breath testing instruments that are designed for use by the Police; as well as in commerce and industry, where health and safety demands unimpaired clear thinking of operatives and personnel.

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Lion Infoxilyser 8000

We manufacture and supply Home Office approved instruments to police forces throughout the UK and worldwide, for the accurate testing, analysis and gathering of credible evidence in incidents of suspected drink driving.

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Expertise in breath alcohol analysis and testing

We are one of the world's leading manufacturers of breath alcohol testing equipment. We make and supply mobile (in-car), static and handheld instruments and associated accessories for use by the police and in the workplace and other locations where alcohol consumption poses a threat to the safe operation of equipment, or brings about significant risks to the health and safety of people.

Key contacts, company information, certifications and approvals, news, events conferences, exhibitions and online help for existing customers.
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Forensic support, expert witness services, and user training
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Products available Worldwide through a range of international distributors.
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All Lion’s products are factory tested and calibrated, and can then be serviced by Lion or our local distributor whenever required.
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A wide range of markets: Law Enforcement, Commercial Health and Safety, Medicine, Personal.
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Quality solutions tackling alcohol abuse in the workplace

Lion offers a range of solutions to help tackle the problem of alcohol abuse in the workplace. From policies and procedures, to testing and monitoring equipment, we help you implement a successful and effective alcohol reduction programme to minimise risk. With a total systems approach, we provide continuous support long after the initial sale. Expert advice on alcohol related issues, training and approved service facilities will ensure your alcohol policy works effectively for you.

Vale of Glamorgan pubs and clubs to breathalyse drinkers

Pub and club goers in south Wales will be breathalysed by door staff to see if they are too drunk to be allowed in.

Vale of Glamorgan council has received Welsh government funding for breathalysers for 12 venues.

The pilot scheme has begun ahead of the Christmas and new year period and follows similar trials across the UK.

Conrad Eydmann, from Cardiff and Vale health board, said it would show revellers that refusing them entry is an objective decision.

Substance misuse coordinator Benni Nicholson-Lepine added: “Recent health assessments show that… too many individuals are drinking at dangerous levels and we are aware of the increase in the number of individuals ‘preloading’ and being significantly intoxicated prior to going out for the evening.”

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